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Hello in this article i am going to write about what challenges spotify facing and kubernetes helps to solve this challenges so let gets started

After the introduction of docker and other container like tools its become very common that each and every company want to switch from heavy and time consuming platform like (virtual machine) to simple and fast and less resource heavy like docker

Docker comes with the new boom in the technology word known as micro service in this we break the service in small but tightly coupled service which is known as microservice and each microservices communicate each other with help if apis which both management and development of final service fast and easy

As the name suggest microservices is not always small and consume less resource most of the times microservices is very heavy and communication between different microservices is sometimes very challenging.

Not only microservices we have to manage the container itself like how two container that is running same microservices communicate and maintain the centralized db for storing and retrieving the data and in real environment we have cluster of .

That is the reason only container is not enough we have to use some other tools to manage the container this kind of tools in known as container orchestration tools and kubernetes is one of the tools for this.

Let comes to spotify, spotify is not the special and also face this challenges related to microservices that why spotify start using container orchestration tools known as helios

In the starting spotify has no problem while using helios but as the infrastructure grows more complex and complex the feature of helios is not able to cope up with it that is the reason spotify start switching its infrastructure to the kubernetes.

So how kubernetes really helps kubernetes has direct support for all the major tools that helps to do the daily work of the like gRPC(is a tools that is helps to implement rcp(remote procedure call)) before spotify has to use their own software for this things because it's very difficult to integrate other software with their existing infrastructure but now with kubernetes its become easy and best things they didn’t have to manage the whole software by itself.

As sound as easy well it's not the actually case migrating from one service to another service such that user has no down time is not easy task require both time and money.


Thank for everyone to read my article till end if you have any doubt please comment if you have any suggestion please mail all comment both positive and negative is more than welcomed.

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